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Back At It Again With The Safari Ball


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Here's an interesting one.


Now, I know I can import pokemon from OM/AS into SWSH, because I've got a milotic from home in my SWSH cart right now. And Xatu from OM/AS can be caught in a safari ball. I'm going to gen an Alpha Sapphire Safari Xatu to see if I can duplicate the results manually.

But until then, Legal or Illegal?

177 - ネイティ - 1D8EAA2955F9.pk8

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9 hours ago, sobbingsobble said:

Xatu from OM/AS can be caught in a safari ball

About your story, are you absolutely sure the Safari Game in ORAS lets you catch with Safari Ball?
I'm pretty sure there's no Safari Game in ORAS (they removed payment, and as a result you use your own balls and Pokémon).
Also don't see it listed on bulbapedia.


In any case @Kaphotics is this a PKHeX Bug?
Natu/Xatu can be caught in Gen 3, and should be able to breed down the Safari Ball in Gen 8

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7 hours ago, Loopy said:

There are no safari balls in OR/AS

Yeah, my bad- I forgot!

Anyways, I genned up a Sapphire Xatu with safari ball, and produced two beautiful safari ball Natu. So if you can get the Xatu in there legally, that's a legal Natu right there.

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