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Pkmn Home Save edits?


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13 minutes ago, iChaos92 said:


I just wanted to know if its possible at all to edit the save file for Pokemon Home?

Is this possible at all and is something in the work?

Would be awesome to edit my TrainerID there!


Thanks in advance!

Not possible at all. It's a cloud service, and the save isn't stored on the Switch.

Either make the edits before sending Bank -> HOME (so make the edits on 3DS),
make the edits on SWSH or LGPE prior to sending to home (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH/LGPE)
or make the edits after importing the mons from HOME into SWSH (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH)


Nothing more can be said about this, locking thread.

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