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Kanto gimmick tournament

No Players: 16

Type: 1v1


This tournament is set to start roughly 24 hours from this posting, giving participants ample time to set up a team. The total # of participants allowed may be increased/decreased based on interest.

This is a gimmick tournament, meaning a theme is found throughout all teams. Pokemon native to Kanto are allowed, and only those.


Can I use Charizard/Alakazam/other Pokemon native to Kanto?


What about Blissey or Elekid?

No evolutions or pre-evolutions introduced in later generations are allowed.

What about moves?

Any moves that were picked up in later generation games are allowed, such as Dragonite with Extreme Speed, Chansey with Seismic Toss, etc... Pokemon should still fall within legal boundaries, so a Dragonite with Extreme Speed should not contain exclusive egg moves.






Timed Battle

Can I change my team?

All teams, once you participate in your first match, are final. No items or moves can be switched, EVs shifted, and so on.

He/she/it cheated!!!

If you believe anyone may have broken the rules for any reason, I highly encourage everyone to save logs. Deal with it via PM either on the forums, Shoddy, or IRC with me.

How can I contact you?

I'm almost always in #projectpokemon, #pp-wifi, and #pp-help. PM on the forums is also fine. I'm usually not on PP's Shoddy server, but am in Smogon's under notthegoatseguy.

How can I contact my opponent?

Via PM, or any other methods they reveal in posts/profile. Set up a time. If you are not at least in contact with your opponent within 24 hours of the tournament starting, I hold the right to disqualify the inactive one. But as long as you two are at least trying to work out a time, we can be patient.

Oh, and have fun.


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