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Since Shoddy has been introduced to me I have been hooked. It is a personal goal of mine to make Shoddy as large as it can be on this forum. I believe the next step in Project Pokémon's Shoddy is to integrate tournaments into the forums to make it more of a presence so it can attract new members.

I have recently installed a new mod that will allow us to create tournaments and battle through to find a champion. Champions will receive forum privileges (to be determined later).

Comments, concerns, questions, etc. are welcomed!

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While I'm more experienced in dealing with Wi-Fi tournaments, I'll throw in my two cents.

The established standard 8 gyms + E4 + Champion setup (that Sabre seems to allude to in the OP) has no end in site, and eventually gets very stale. This isn't to say it can't be done, but you need 13 people alone just to take challenges, and that's assuming they're also doing all of the organization as well.

That isn't to shit on the idea totally, but I think it's better to hold a series of small tournaments that last, say, one week to gauge how popular these things are, how many will come back for the next one, and so on.

It's very hard to keep people from the Intertwebz to a time table, so just set the rules, be firm (but fair) on them, and see what happens. Start small and build from there.

I'd be happy to assist in any way I can.

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