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How do I add gen Pokémon to my switch?


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my question is how do I add gen Pokémon to my sword game.I already made a backup with the checkpoint and added the sd card in the pc and checked the folder in the map of checkpoint but how should I add Pokémon in it?

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1 hour ago, Akame said:

Okay thanks so I will download them and drag them to the file? Is that the right thing to do? Also which gen is possible to add in the game? I’m a big fan of gen 4

Gen 4 files (wc4 or pk4) can be added into any save from Gen 4 to Gen 8, tho Gen 8 (SWSH) will have some limitations, depending on what mon wasn't cut.

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I tried it with one Pokémon (chimchar) but I get automatically an error cause of his attack(which I didn’t add but the file itself) and the error Pokémon not from origin in this game.Its not only Pokémon from gen 4 even the example Pokémon eternatus too 

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