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Legit Shiny Hoopa possible?

Khodor Salame32

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Hello, I challenged a female trainer in Festival Plaza who sent out a Shiny Hoopa Unbound forme. I was also able to record the battle video containing her shiny Hoopa. I believe Hoopa is shiny locked? How was she able to use shiny Hoopa in an online battle? Please explain...

Can you guys host a legal PKHeX file containing a shiny Hoopa for download? Thank you.

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@Khodor Salame32 I see you posted another thread with the same content.


Hello, I've come across few players before in Festival Plaza who used shiny Hoopa Unbound in battle. I was also able to record battle videos afterwards containing their shiny Hoopa. Do you guys have a shiny Hoopa that's legal in online battles and trades? Can you guys upload a legal shiny Hoopa for importing in PKHeX? Thank you and best wishes!🌹

A legal shiny Hoopa doesn't exist. All Hoopa were distributed as shiny-locked.
Please stop asking for something illegal, especially if you want a legal copy that can be used online.

Just because it can be used online, doesn't mean it's legal.
Don't use the online hack checks as the basis of legality.

Since it's a duplicate thread, I've deleted it.

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