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Some Pokémon caught in the wild legally are marked as illegal ( Evolution not valid)

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I have caught a combee(female) in wild and evolved it into vespiquen by wild battles. The previous version of PKHex(190919) didn't show any illegality. But the new version (191226) shows the Pokémon to be illegal [ Evolution not valid( level/trade evolution unsatisfied)]. 



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It's a check for the PID, because in Gen 4-5 gender is tied to PID, so if a PID is male for Combee, it's not valid for Vespiquen (outside of some Vespiquen encounters in Gen 5 that don't need to be evolved.)

The check was incorrect, and this commit should fix that. Your Vespiquen is fine, but you'll probably have to wait until the next release before the legality check works correctly.

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