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Homebrew Switch to PKHeX Sword

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If you want to hack your Switch, you have to live with the risk.

There are only ways to mitigate the risk, but no one can give you the 100% guarantee.

Ways to mitigate risk:
1. Don't pirate games
2. Turn off your wireless switch for Switch when going into homebrew
3. Don't bring cheated saves online
5. Don't use cheats online
6. Don't install custom themes or user profiles that's typically impossible to get legitimately.


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Oh no, I just mostly want to use PKHeX to start my Pokemon Sword adventure with that lv10 gift Gigantomax Charmander with my ID and SID attached to it. I'm very willing to unhack my switch afterwards. Where do start? How do I remove all traces of hack after I'm done with my businesses? 

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if you hack your switch its at risk to get banned but you should enable airplane mode when using any custom firmware such as homebrew menu and jksv/checkpoint. homebrew sometimes give an sd card error (when send to Nintendo could get you banned) so go to system settings -> console-> and deactivate error message sending... 

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best option is use offline emunand for homebrew.    emunand is great for testing and saves editing.   you just need to partition your sd card and have hekate copy your sysnand to your sd card. 

only con is that the saves will not be same on both sides.  you would want to work on editing your saves till you are done. then boot atmosphere over sysnand and inject your saves.  

read up my guide at https://switch.hacked.us for more info.        



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