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"$rand" interactivity for height/weight batch editing / settings for nature = stat nature


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Like title suggests, i've been using macros to individually assign each Pokemon with a random height/weight value for a little rental project in the works. Then I noticed that the batch editor was updated to include "$suggest" for TMs, balls, and the like. Would it be possible to potentially enable the batch editor to take a command like:

>.HeightScalar = $rand

>.WeightScalar = $rand

and have it mass-assign random values between 0 and 255 to each file?

Additionally, if we could also get a toggle to set the base nature to be equal to the stat nature in the settings for showdown imports that would be amazing, and would save the time of having to click the nature box every time! Or if the batch editor were able to store variables, I could simply write a command like

>.Nature = StatNature

and have the batch editor assign each Nature to be the same as the StatNature value on every different mon. The ability to make specifications that the batch editor checks each individual file for could be used for a bunch of other fun things, too. I'm sure.

As always, great job y'all. These are just some things that would be nice to see. :)

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