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[RNG Abuse / Lock Researches purposes] Looking for a save with a Shiny Raid.

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Hi !

So I'm not sure if this fills here since it's really a special request.
I'm part of the RNG Abuse research team, and we're working for weeks on some kind of Raid RNG Abuse. We've hit a wall, and we'd need the help of everybody for that.

You can find more infos about this here.

At this point, we need a save with a Shiny Raid inside. We don't care of which Shiny, if it's from a Wishing Star or not.

We just need a save where we'll be able to see how Shiny raids mechanics works.

We have some hints about Raids getting some Shiny Lock with PID being forced to be non-Shiny. So this would also help the Shiny Hunting community.

It's really important for us.
We'll do NOTHING with the Shiny of the save or anything. Just looking how the game reacts.


If you have a save, please send it here, or by PM.

Thank you.

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Yep we figured it out yesterday (since I'm part of it)

We were able to get it from a Shiny Raided Pokemon, the save was not necessary (we had doubt that it was linked to the save part rather than finding what we want FROM a Pokemon File)


All good, we'll test stuff and tools without bruteforcing later today.

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