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PKHeX Square Shiny


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Fellas, there no such thing as an Ultra Shiny.
Square shinies aren't even that rare for wild encounters, there is a 15/65536 chance the shiny you get from wild encounters is not a square shiny.

65520/65536-> forced shiny (squares)
15/65536 -> already shiny (stars)
1/65536 -> already shiny (squares)

Use batch editor in PKHeX. ".PID=$shiny0" noquotes.

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So does the batch editor hang up alot when using this batch line? It has been sitting at 0% on the progress bar for 15 minutes now.

Edit: It is taking a good chuck of my CPU capacity. Similar to high frame RNG reports. However, there is no sign of completion after an 20 minutes and batch editor crashes.

I have attached the file trying to make square shiny.

009 - Blastoise - 1DA69EFC2B1A.pk8

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PKHeX tries to keep the ability bits from the original PID (lowest bit in each 16bit half of the PID):


In order to get a square shiny, the Xor has to be 0; since we keep both low bits as-is, the above PID has 1 and 0 for each bit; xor is always 1 -- so the shinyxor will never be 0 with this restriction.


I'll need to figure out how to relax this restriction -- PID ability is a little complex:

                if (GenNumber > 5 || Format > 5)
                    return -1;

                if (Version == (int) GameVersion.CXD)
                    return Array.IndexOf(PersonalInfo.Abilities, Ability);
                return (int)((Gen5 ? PID >> 16 : PID) & 1);


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28 minutes ago, Loopy said:

I always press shift + click on the shiny button and it transforms into square shiny

maybe it's the latest version or something, but that causes that particular Blastoise to freeze.
(with any other entry that didn't batch edit for me, it causes a freeze too. So this isn't an isolated incident)

Kaphotics also already kindly explained the issue, so I can only assume it's being worked on (since we know what causes it now)

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