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Possible bug with EK8 export?

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Note: I could be completely wrong about this, so keep that in mind.

So I recently decided to try messing with PKHeX and EdiZon.  What happened was that I made a Python script to generate an Atmosphere cheat code that injects a given EK8 file into Box 1 Slot 1 of the PC.  It kind of worked, except I noticed that the Pokemon's Sp Def stat was glitched (with a question mark and 2 digits).  I saved the game, dumped the save, and opened it with PKHeX.  Upon viewing the glitched Pokemon in PKHeX, it didn't show anything different.  But if I export the glitched Pokemon as an EK8 again, only the last 2 bytes are different from the original EK8 used to make the cheat code.

This leads me to believe that there could be a bug with how PKHeX handles saving EK8 files.  Also, I noticed that the last 0x10 bytes of the PK8 file have the actual (calculated) stats shown in-game.  I believe this may have something to do with the issue.

Edit: If anyone wants the RAM offset for Box 1 Slot 1 in Sword, it's HEAP + 0x004293D8B0 (at least for me)

swsh glitch ditto.jpg

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