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questions about using pkhex

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I recently hacked my switch and exported my sword/shield save

I got the main, backup, and poke_trade files: so my questions would be 

Does the backup file come from the actual game or just a backup from the save extractor?

If I inject a pokemon into the main file do I also have to do the same to the backup file?

I heard the Poke_trade file logs all pokemon trades you do..do I have to worry if I inject a pokemon with a different OT/ID then me ? would the game flag me for somehow getting that pokemon but it was not logged in a trade? If so is there a way to update this file? (if this is true then nintendo is smart this generation lol)

thank you for those answering  :)



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It backs up the current save in case the main gets corrupted, so if you want to go back to some point of your save it's good to keep saving all backups.

me to get organized I have all the backups for days that I generated the file, and still separate the original main from the edited later, a little work but not stress.

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