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Gmax flags


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4 hours ago, bigbangatk said:

This is one example, but most of the gmax pokemon that I make have encounter flags....I look up the location and make sure that the level met and location are the same as what I see from legal caught mons on youtube


So you didn’t actually catch it, but instead it was hacked?

you probably screwed up somewhere. Gigantamax mons I actually caught show up legal.

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On 12/1/2019 at 11:39 PM, theSLAYER said:

Yeah that’s what you preferably should do. Creating stuff from scratch is easily a no-no, cause people tend to miss a lot of details.

additionally, memories legality check isn’t completely.

anything one makes from scratch will likely fail legality checks when memory checks get added in its entirety.


If I grab a legit-caught pokemon in-game, and make another of the same mon from scratch, and then proceed to manually copy the legit-caught's memories, Met-Location, do you know if the genned mon be missing anything unseen to the eye in those aspects? Or has it been known to not do the job in the past? I'm talking about going thru the drop-down list for memories, clicking the options, etc. Not using the legit mon's .pk8 file as it is and altering it like a template. Please lmk if that didn't make sense in any way. I ask cause my switch isn't hacked, so I don't have 'legit' .pk8 files in hand to work with, but I like to make my own pkhex files as opposed to relying on someone else. thx

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