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Transfer my Pokemon from USUM to Sword/Shield with PKHeX


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Hi everybody. It seems that Kurt (PKHeX developer) is planning a software update for use with Sword and Shield, which will be available on 15/11, to be confirmed (see Twitter account @Kaphotics).


Problem, I need a switch hacked, and as I dosen’t want to take the risk of hacking the console saw the procedure to follow and I don’t want to lose my all games saves, I wanted to ask someone who already has a switch hacked if he would agree to be able to transfer my Pokémon in his Sword and Shield backup (thanks to my USUM backup that I will send) and then send them back to me by exchange. Of course, this will be done once the game and the update of PKHeX for Sword / Shield released.


Do not hesitate to ask me questions if everything is not clear

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23 minutes ago, GuiguiDaan said:

I dosen’t want to take the risk of hacking the console

Frankly, the risk isn't with bricking your switch or losing data. The risk is with getting one's Switch banned.

It is fine that you don't wanna take the plunge, it's your prerogative.
However, it is unfair for others to take the fall for you, simply because you wanted hax but didn't want to hack your Switch.
(Switch bans from Nintendo can come from modding the Switch, trading hacked mons, trading normally but using a hacked switch, trading mons from USUM when HOME isn't even out etc)

If someone wants to help you, they'll PM you after reading this. :)

Else, don't create this topic again. >:(
(I mean, seriously, if you want hacks at your beck and call, hack your device. >< )

[also, I removed your duplicate thread lulz]

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