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My Introductory


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Haven´t gotten around to doing this, so might as well do it now:

Hi, my name is Jaime, a.k.a VeteranJaime, and iv´e been an huge fan of this game ever since 2014. i started out with XY and my love for the series continued to escalate from there.  some other things to know about me/stuff i´m good at:

- Programmer for 4+ Years

     -Programming Languages i know/familiar with: HTML, CSS, C, C#, C++, Python, JavaScript 

- Modding/Modder for 4+ Years

-Like watching Anime. My favorite and personal recommendation is Tanya the Evil(i think that´s what it´s called.)

-Fan of RPG´s, Fighting, and Adventure games. 

-Nintendo Fan. My favorite game of all time has to me Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.


Well, That´s all i can really think of saying about myself for now. i might update this later on if i feel like i want to add anything to this.  

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