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How/What do I convert the save file...


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Alright. I bought the Action Replay DSi and backed up my Pokemon Platinum save. It has the extension ".duc". This apparently isn't usable in the Platinum Pokesav. So I went to the Shuny site (Save Converter site) and tried converting it to a few save files... they were opened up, but everything was completely wrong on the PokeSav application. No Pokemon, random play times, no inventory, no pokemon in my PC box, etc. It was just random mixed up stuff.

Could someone please help me figure out what I should do so I can use Pokesav?

Thank you.

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From a certain well-known forum that I'm not allowed to mention here, on Shunyweb:

"Some of the saves that you convert (from .duc etc.) may not work, which means you should back up your save files before you do anything like enable cheat codes etc. just in case."

Other than that info, I don't really know much on how to help you with this issue. Sorry.

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