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Are my IVs legal


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Hey, does anyone know if you can get away with your pokemon having all IVs at 31, because while unlikely, that is possible if you are lucky enough and take the time?

If not, does anyone know how I could go about choosing the right IVs to max the Strength of the Pokemon, but also make it look legal?

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You can get away with it and it'll look legal if the PID matches the IVs for caught Pokemon. For hatched ones, any PID will do.

Why is that?

The answer is, there's RNG manipulation. And with proper RNG manipulation, there are some dates where 31/31/31/31/31/31 Pokemon can be hatched. You're best off following the guide to find out how to obtain those dates.

Caught Pokemon with a perfect IV spread (And even worse, with a perfect hidden power to go) are near impossible, but there ARE ways to get it done, you'll take ages finding a date, though.

TLDR; Yes.

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