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Error importing .png for C-Gear skin.


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I'm trying to import a PNG that I edited from an exported C-Gear skin, using GIMP and making sure to set it to only use 16 colours, but when I try to import it, PKHeX says it has too many unique colours:


Here is the image I'm trying to import: 


Additionally, here's the original image, and the cgb file that it came from:


Elesa 2 C-Gear.cgb

Before you ask, I shifted the image a pixel down, because it was one too high for the C-Gear's UI, as you can see in the image below. I also intended to edit it in the future for B2/W2's C-Gear, but right now I'm having issues with B/W in the first place. Additionally, is there any way to actually generate a cgb file from the picture? I've also tried using PokeCGear, but importing the picture in question resulted in a black image, no skin in sight.


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Well I've exported it as a bmp, but then there's no way to import it to PKHeX, unless I try to change the extension to png, but then PKHeX crashes.

Elesa 2 C-Gear 2.bmp

Additionally, here's what I'm doing to ensure that it's only 16 unique colours:


EDIT: Additionally, here's the Colourmap for the image after that conversion to Indexed, you can see that it has 16 unique colours:


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There seems to be an issue with importing .png at all right now. Take this, for example:



If you Export .png and then reload that same .png file, it ends up like this:



Some C-Gear skins also just don't render properly, despite looking fine in-game:



I was able to import your image by simply opening it in mspaint and re-saving it from there, but it shows up all dark and blue, just like the Pikachu above (and yes, it displays that way in-game.)

I guess there must have been a regression somewhere when it comes to C-Gear, because I'm pretty sure I remember C-Gear stuff was supposed to have been fixed a while ago. But something must have re-broken it.

(Forgot to mention, this is in latest stable, and in 7db0657. Visual Studio won't load the newer commits, so I can't check those.)

For the time being, you should be able to use this psk.


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PokeCGear works, there might be other ways but this is the only one I know of right now. PokeStock won't import your bmp as-is, must be something weird that GIMP does (or maybe you need to pick different options when exporting, idk.) If I just open the bmp in paint and save it without editing it though, then it imports fine. Still have to obey the 256x192 16 color limit though.

It turns out though, that PokeCGear will export as cgb when you load a B2W2 save, and to psk when you load a BW save. Weird. Well, as long as it works.

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1 hour ago, Packattack77 said:

how do i limit it to 16 colors?

You have to open the options of your image editor and change the color depth to 16 colors. The location of said option changes depending on your software, in MS Paint you can go to: file>save as>16 color Bitmap. This will have an strong impact on the image if it was not originally made in such color depth, professional programs let you choose the colors for your palette.

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3 hours ago, TmoTevin said:

While there are post from a few days ago, does anyone here know how to fix too many tiles / can explain what it mean? 


A tile is an 8x8 pixel square. If you have too many tiles, it implies the image is too complicated to be stored; duplicate tiles line a black square can be reused in multiple spots.

Your image has tons of speckling and shading, thus not having any duplicate tiles besides the black areas. Too many.

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