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trading Trading rare pokemon

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Ok, Currently I'm prepared to trade some rares:

Groudon LVL 70 holding Amulet coin, wll trade for a Milotic, Hacked or legit.

If you don't like that dal, I can Give you latias instead.

Kyogre LVL 70 holding Mystic Water, will trade for a Garchomp, Hacked or legit.

If you don't like that, I can give you a rayquaza instead.

Willing to trade Dialga LVL 100, Can beat the E4 by itself, great for using the Exp. Share with because it gains no Exp. I will trade this for a Mewtwo, Legit or Hacked, at any level, any ature, any moveset, any ribbons, etc.

Also trading: LVL 100 Rayquaza's

Friend Code: Yoshi: 2021 0068 8975 [Note, I DO NOT cheat] :bidoof:

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