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Looking for help in pokemon alpha sapphire


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. To start I would like to clarify that my request is going to sound a specific and perhaps a little strange to certain people.
. Now that that is out of the way I would like to ask if anyone can trade any of the Pokémon I need with the certain nicknames I specify. It dose not matter what personality the Pokémon has nor what ability. Just as low of a level as you can.
1. Female shiny machop: Nickname Jukka
( I know, they are all strangely specific)
2. Jirachi: Nickname Spaca
3. Shayman: Nickname Mielikki
4. Darkrai: Nickname Kira
5. Mew: Nickname Myu
6. Shiny Celebi: Nickname Mikuru
7. Shiny Lugia: Nickname Galaxia
8. Shiny female Zubat: Tabitha

9. Shiny female Zorua: Nickname Zynga

As I have stated previously; I know that this request is very specific and strange but I would just like to have these Pokémon again since my game decided it was just going to go berserk and delete my save file. Recently I learned that my little sister went on the gts and attempted to trade With some guy named Edou 78 for a arceus; all he wanted was a zigzagoon. When she tried it crashed the game and when she re booted it my save was gone with all of my beloved team members. Even if no one is able to help. I would still like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this.
Have a good day

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