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Shiny Suicune went wrong...


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Hello guys,

I have to share a disappointing experience... need some advice. I've been Soft-resetting in my Ultra-Sun for a shiny Suicune for so long, and today he finally showed up, I was very thrilled as I didn't have the chance to catch a shiny Suicune on my own before. Caught him in a Lure Ball, which somehow fits him, but what doesn't fit him very well is the nature he came with... I was hoping to get a Calm one if synchronizer worked, but it turned out to be Timid. Although it isn't very bad, I'm afraid it's not the right one for him, and this sort of mistake has killed my hype almost completely.

Now I have three options:

- Settle with my Timid shiny Suicune.

- Unmark the Suicune caught checkbox in my savefile with PkHex, and hence keep Soft-resetting until I get a Shiny Calm Suicune 100% legit.

- Just edit his nature so that he is Calm as he should have been if it wasn't by that 50% negative odds 😤.

3rd option may look like the smartest one, but that somehow makes me look at Suicune as a less valid achievement, you know... if I modify the legitimate information he was found with in the original encounter, he'll look a bit less worthy. Even though it would be a minor modification, I don't really like doing this kind of alterations on a Pokémon I spent effort finding in.

Well, I'm overall disappointed with the outcome and don't know how fix this, what do you guys think?

Thank you

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18 hours ago, english09 said:

Just an FYI: Timid is one of the best natures for Suicune.

Regardless, you could simply edit the nature of your Suicune to be Calm - it wouldn't impact the legality of it.

Yeah I’ll probably go for the edit and make him Calm... it’s a minor modification after all, and the encounter was 100% legit. Indeed, I was planning the following set with Calm Suicune (I don’t rely on smogon so much). What do you think? 🙃


Reflect/Calm Mind
Ice Beam

Item: Rocky Helmet
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP / 58 SpA / 200 SpD

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