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romFS extraction help (for use with PK3DS)

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15 minutes ago, Ukasuhs said:

I don't have the exe file or the RomFS file. How do i get these from my .cia file?

Read: second-top line of first post of PK3DS.


Please do not ask (nor private message me) how to obtain/dump/decrypt/unpack/repack ROMs as that is unrelated to the functionality of this program.

I've split off your post, since it's explicitly warned against in PK3DS thread first post.

You will need to search the net on how to extract files from the games. Best I can point you to is here, here and here.
(Don't ask me about how to use them, tho, as I won't be of much help in those categories. You gotta find that out yourself. Two of those links above are guides anyway..)

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