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Action Replay problems suck.

Light of Dakrness

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So here's the deal. I have Windows 7, and there is no NDS cable driver on it yet. So I can not transfer codes from the Action Replay Manager onto the Action Replay. I have Pokesav and all, and have the code all ready. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could put in the code and transfer me the 6 pokemon. I have a few legit shinys for trade is it is any incentive. Thanks in advance!

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94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC 38C46861 5F5E0000 B86ABC91 615B5770 7249FF99 13206AD7 42AC592A 4C732F0F 3FA39FE1 14C5B7ED 7E05D477 2C086F4D CD7277F2 DF92F358 3B78E708 6166346F 8A6CADE4 51B1C5F0 6416952C E96E2018 FC486075 C34F39F5 853FE770 269C4153 BF826269 811D62E7 F2D54095 54B5AE72 1244E9F9 5BD3CED2 935DDBA7 E31F5041 23980D4D 35A2D867 E8395F74 07902937 7F6C0332 5A5ED064 69CDFED0 0F43789C CDF1F540 3D7A1B4B D049C3D2 3BF1ADEA 7331F706 8753DEEF 8D61F0DE 0B0027B6 47F8197D 7CB73681 0347C2C8 BF91F4C0 B4EAA24A 8231AD93 13170558 8C3A188C 213A2375 6F004CB8 F1C032F7 00000000 E00001A0 000000EC E7D4E8FD 62550000 C839C1AD B6A91E82 94A38876 58F2A141 9037FC02 DC37D572 696DC8D5 1733B686 0485083C 12371943 9575245D 75725629 F29A2FA3 D3B4B70F 08112770 F74FD370 27274858 3C14320D E232134C 70DFE957 B39B449A EA7CB4D6 731F89EA 182B9ED2 77B76CD8 6192BC3E 1F970359 45AE1C12 DEB60A4F 02E57095 00653D40 10DAFAF7 3E140552 E320DAF8 7C9872D6 760DA8D9 DD0D9537 289CD3B6 607B9644 3CAA5B2E 00288FFE 33B57225 ABCF116E 4DF41FAA CB2B36BE 492B067C 88957DE5 CE1C0FCF 7D96B904 413EFE4F 94BCC313 EAAC2D64 34B1DABC A96000B7 0888C786 A5A0C7F5 F95A2D36 00000000 E000028C 000000EC 38FA77F5 54B40000 1F30501D AEBFED8E D9672614 5D135081 572048FF 5D43BFBD 5C61F95C 2450BEFD D7D40B43 CAD886F0 A60FC2D4 0C3E674C 5C506C75 D1E9C866 4F1A6906 184AAEAC 2AFF05E6 5EDB4B3A 111052A8 BC082F23 178C4626 B8A82CE4 99359C0D BDE01450 C13FE288 B47B8847 0FB7F550 7A35294C 4E0F923F 6EF1FF65 A53BF178 D543BE3C 876D8FB0 D03B9E24 720BEA6A 98822F59 3FD70EC2 F7034B50 FFD6925B BA2EF825 F2991D43 A27B55CD 274EE2D1 F813E756 59EA592B D0204DD5 D13ABE57 F9C5C0AB 56F35421 C64EC609 9D067642 20A8EFB5 A439EEBE A812A00D F7F32C8D C2151B4C D356407D 00000000 E0000378 000000EC 7BCD8419 888B0000 F899116A E3EBE3B0 FB7E2C62 23DDB62B D5CD80F8 BC2B0EC3 0C46EC3A 851C3222 5252993B 1636F951 F97A39DB 3D3DE6A5 43EFB281 14875034 6017FC0F 2A1316D9 2E3EEB69 A1FFD2AC 9888F1B5 934512A0 E8651FA8 A1925062 B7259AE9 35D2A6DC 390D6F62 AE1F41ED 5F0EF053 AE865F50 9EB78781 5AA9D048 60958D7F 04868EDE DC12D917 B434C792 46C6E35B A5173813 70ABC6B5 DEDBBBAB CF1B9F75 BA3ECB1E 0A1F4E73 689EE05A 7DD0208E BF654A4F 30CF609D 92E570EA 531AD771 DD890897 9A5954F5 264DFA06 0F77A790 DA6F0232 2175A5CD 8E664E9F 117A2E3E 5A1299E2 0C2D419C 00000000 D2000000 00000000

The Code

It takes up slots 1-4 in the party for pokemon Platinum. Whenever you can get it done, I'll be very grateful. Thanks!

EvanDixon, can you link me to the Driver download for the NDS cable on Windows 7? Thanks.

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