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mysterious box 33 appearing and causing my US to crash

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So a bit of a little back story, im trying to get a copy of sun and ultra sun for my friend's birthday with the full pokedex and as early as i can in the game so he can still enjoy the full games. i got all the way to the first poke centre, got festival plaza set up and imported all the pokemon. when i click on the pc all the pokemon are there everything is smooth and working, but now theres this weird boxx 33 labeled team 1 causing my game to freeze everytime i go to it.

theres this box that shows before box 1 and after box 32 and its called "team 1"  when i go scroll to that box it has just the starter pokemon i picked ( i added a shiny version of my starter to my party to see if anything happens but it just showed up in the team 1 box and it froze anyways, its like a secret box 33 or something lol, i have no idea how this showed up, The weirder part is that this box 33 named team 1 isnt even in pkhex when i load up the main file. ive attached my main file and some picutres if that helps. do you think giving max number of each item from the start contributed to this?




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@kerpgap There's certainly odd. Did you "import" all the Pokémon before receiving the starter or before catching a Pokémon or something?

I'm wondering if it's a glitch resulting from having Pokémon in your PC before even having the PC initiated.


edit: Going back to advice I gave you previously (and other advice):
1. Try importing only 1 Pokémon first, to see if the glitch occurs.
2. Don't use batch editor on the save you want to import. Batch edit elsewhere, then export, then import into the intended save

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