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B2W2 Weather Setting on Route

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Hi Guys

I've been racking my brain for a couple of weeks now trying to find out the command that sets the weather within a Route's Script file in B2W2 (and BW)

I am basically trying to make Tornadus / Thundurus appear at a certain time in B2W2 at Route 7, just outside the House that you get their Therian Pokedex entries in B2W2

(Ihave the Flags set on the conversation to trigger the two Genies overworld appearences upon leaving the house)

However I am trying to set it so their respective weather appears at the same time as the Genies spawn....

I have been looking through BW's script which is conviently the same number for Script and Overworld, however I cannot for the life of me work out what the weather setting is from it....

I've attached the file for the BW Script on Route 7 just incase anyone is able to help me.

Many Thanks


BW 1 Script 674.txt

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