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GBA Island Events

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First Hi to every1 in this forums, second...i just downloaded some GBA events from pokemon database or something.....and i hope some1 will help me edit them slightly :)....v

Ho-Oh----->Adamant Nature +Switch the Attack IV With The SpAttack Iv

Lugia----->Sassy nature + Switch The HP IV With The Attack IV + Reduce Speed To 17

LATIAS---->Modest/Mild Nature + HP to 22 +SAttack to 24 (IVs Ofcoure)

LATIOS---->Timid nature + SpAttack to 23 + HP to 25 (IVs Ofcoure)

And also what is this "Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D" ??

And Lastly Plz if you can make it as they were migrated to Sinnoh (Platinum) Plz Do !!.......:D

Thanks, Sarutan

PS:If You can't do what i said above just make them appear legal or edit that stupid hidden value.....xD

PSS: When i said switch i meant to it like this ( Spd IVs= 31 / HP IVs= 20 ------> Spd IVs= 20 / HP IVs= 31 ) Get It ??

EDIT: I give up !!, I think i'll stick to HG/SS.....<<< :P



Edited by Sarutan
Typoos :p

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I would like to suggest the following notation:

Apl-Bph-Cil-Dih (Current A-B-C-D)

This way you can have

Aph-Bpl-Cil-Dih (instead of current B-A-C-D)

without conflicting with the actual RNG call order.

You can even represent things like:


The funny thing here is that the sequences above can be seen as genetic ones (if we admit new DNA nucleotides for pokemon :tongue:)

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