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PMD2 Getting a partner with the same type

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So I was thinking of modding the game to let you pick a partner that's the same type as you, but I'm brand new to Hex editing so I'm unsure where to look. According to psy_commando the personality quiz stuff is in overlay_0013.bin at 0x0238A140, but I'm not sure what value to look for. I was wondering if anyone had more experience with something like this and could share. Maybe a cheat for this already exists and I haven't found it yet, or it's just not possible to change. 

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So I have been messing around with the assembly code in explorers of sky for a while now. I saw this and thought it would be interesting to try to find the code that prevents partners of the same type as you from appearing in the list.
And I managed to find the exact instruction that has to be removed (turned into a NOP instruction) to make it happen.

I tested it with an european rom of EoS, but it should work for any other version since the code is probably the same.

To change it yourself, open the rom in a hex editor and search for this sequence: 000195e7 000088e1 000019e1 0700001a 002094e5 701392e5
There should be only one match in the whole rom (0x001e0000 in my european version). Now you just need to replace 0700001a with 0000a0e1, save and try it out.
Tell me if it works for you!

Fun fact: You can even pick the same pokemon as player and partner


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Oh that's really sweet, I wasn't expecting a reply to this to be honest. It worked like a charm, thank you so much. I wish I knew how to understand all this stuff to find things for myself, the best I can do at this point is using documents from other people, like using this table I found from Psy to change NPCs to different Pokemon (Celebi and Fearow as antagonists and pink Riolu are in-jokes with the group I'm making these hacks for)


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