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help with a legal shiny cresselia?


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hello you see i have this problem......

whenever I create a cresselia that is not shiny the legality checker states it as very rare nds or gba so it's valid

but when I modify that same cresselia by just clicking the shiny box it says hacked or unknown pokemon


can someone help me please??

Thanks is Advance!!

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then how do I make the PID correspond with the IV's?

by the way this is also happening with jirachi and manaphy.

Give me the PID you generated for your Cresselia (before ticking the shiny box) along with your TID and SID, and i'll show you a full example of the process.

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All right.

First we take the PID and convert it to hexadecimal :

746961030 = 2C85 B886

2C85 is called the high ID or the upper ID, we'll call it UID

B886 is the lower ID, so we'll call it LID

Next we convert the UID, LID and TID to 16 bit binary numbers:

UID = 2C85 = 0010110010000101 (since 2C85 fills only 14 digits, i added two 0's to make it 16 digits)

LID = B886 = 1011100010000110

TID = 61197 =1110111100001101

Now we align all three of them and exclude the last three digits like this :

UID: 0010110010000|101

LID: 1011100010000|110

TID: 1110111100001|101

The game will look at the 13 first bits of each of these ID, and add the numbers column by column, if at least one of the results is odd, the pokemon will NOT be shiny. All of those results would need to be either 0,2 or 4 (even numbers) for the Pokemon to be shiny. A probability of one in 8192 (2 to the power of 13) chance of happening.

UID: 0010110010000|101

LID: 1011100010000|110

TID: 1110111100001|101


2131321120001|ddd (d for don't care)

Now all we need to do is find a SID that will give us all even numbers on our total.

Total : 2131321120001|ddd

+ SID : 0111101100001|ddd

Total2 :2242422220002|ddd

Now all numbers on the new total are even, making the Pokemon shiny!

Finally we convert the SID we've used to decimal (i turned the 3 d's into 0's but any value is fine)

SID = 0111101100001000 = 31496

Write this SID into the Secret ID field in pokesav, and your Cresselia will automatically become shiny.

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thank you very much for that information!

Just wondering were did you learn how to do this? Is there a thread that thoroughly explains how to do this?

sorry if I am asking to many questions I pretty new to pokesav!

edit: I don't really know how to make binary numbers or hexadeciamls!

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