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shiny pokemon mew in my pokemon ranch


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16 minutes ago, paulydoregon said:

is it possible for the trade pokemon or the gift mew in my pokemon ranch to be shiny? would be a cool shiny hunt 

No. Presently, only legal shiny Mew is Japanese Faraway Island Mew.

Also, even if "it was possible", once Mew appears on your "Wanted" list in Ranch, the entire mon's data structure has already been generated. (and we know that because it was documented here).

I imagine one either has to manipulate save states, or restart the game from the start.
Sounds like the making of a terrible hunt.. ><

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4 minutes ago, paulydoregon said:

true, figured i check. i need to stop trying to find difficult hunt XD  im stock full of them. thansk again

No worries! Well if you ever get to doing it, and capable of backing up saves, I don't mind getting a save before the Mew wanted poster, and one when it appears.

I've been wondering if there's an event flag that pops up when Mew is ready for trade, cause I haven't been able to write edits to make it tradable :/

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