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Pokesav Proffesionals - Can someone explain how to succesfully create a hacked (legit looking) pokemon?


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I suck at pokesav; I admit it. :bidoof:

I need someone to explain how to create a hacked pokemon look as legit as possible.


Either explain it good, or dont post at all.

***Also i have the most trouble giving the pokemon its stats, ev's, and iv's, so please explain that mostly.***

Ps: dont say "go to youtube, they will explain it to you", because they just do the basics (and theyre not good at making a legit pokemon). I just want to know how to create a hack pokemon as legit as possiblle.

Just tell me what i need to know and how to create a legit pokemon.

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Lets see if I can take a stab at this...

First, in order to make a legit-looking Pokemon, or as we here call "legal", It must have these things.

If you want it to be YOUR'S, it has to have these 4 attributes match with your's (the trainer)

- Trainer Name

- Trainer Gender

- Trainer ID

- Secret ID

On to the pokemon itself.

- No more than 510 total EVs

- Must contain a legal EV spread

- Must be hatched (if applicable) or found in real in-game locations

- Hex values must match those two locations. This is tricky, but this guide helps


- Unless its an event, no Pokemon can be caught in a Cherish Ball

- It is best to leave the Ribbons selection unchecked

- Language setting must be set for whatever game you're playing

- leave Fateful Encounter unchecked unless it is one (like riley's egg)

- Do not use illegal moves

- Do not use illegal abilities

- Make sure you set the Hometown to the proper game (most of the time you'll want to set it to Platinum)

If the pokemon is FOUND, not hatched

- Use the PID/IV button instead of GENERATE. Certain IV spreads are illegal with certain natures. For example, a Zapdos cannot have perfect IVs and be bold. If the selections are not to your liking, alter the IV spread.

- Make sure the "met at level" and "met in place" boxes are legal.

If the pokemon is HATCHED,

- You may use the GENERATE button instead of the PID/IV

- Keep the "Met at Level" box at zero

- The Pokemon must be caught with a Poke Ball and nothing else

I THINK thats all... And after you'll all finished, be sure to use the Legality Checker on the homepage to ensure your Pokemon is legal.

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