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US/UM Zeraora


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Hi' i'm new here, sorry if i make some mistakes. I lost the Zeraora event and i love that pokemon. I really want one as legal as possible and train it by myself. Don't know if i can ask an event Pokemon, i didnt read anything about it in the rules, if i can't i apologize.

I want it as a trade, i'm not sure about homebrew my 3ds...


Pokemon Species: Zeraora

Held Item: Air balloon

Level: 50

Ability: Volt absorb

Nickname (If wanted):

Trainer ID (If specific): 100118

Secret ID (If specific):

Shiny (Yes or No): No

Egg (Yes or No): No

Nature: Jolly

Pokérus Status: No

Pokéball Captured In: Cherish ball

EV Stats: 0 in all

IV Stats: 31/26/1/23/31/31

Moveset (The template doesn't say anything about this, but if i can ask, i want the event moveset): Plasma Fists, Thunder Punch, Close combat, Thunder

Ribbons (If any): Wishing Ribbon

Location/Date Met: A lovely place. Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv.50. / 15/09/2018

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

Friend Code (If Trading): 5198-2530-7593


Thank you, and sorry about my bad english...


EDIT: I have the .pk7 file of my desired pokemon, if someone cant inject it for me and then trade it to me i will be really thankful.



807 - Zeraora - 856C9AE06E4E.pk7

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