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LGPE - Pokémon Pass Shiny Pikachu/Eevee Gift

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Cheers for the instructions theSLAYER, I managed to obtain some codes just fine.

I was trying to think of a way to redeem multiple codes per console, essentially to get enough of each Pokemon to also have one of each evolution.

I created a new profile on my Switch, started a new game, got to the point where online functionality could be used, then realised i'd have to link another Nintendo account, which wouldn't have online functionality (My Switch is on my friends family plan) to redeem the code.

My desired goal was to do this without running Homebrew when booted in to the Switches OS, as i'd sooner not risk a ban.

My first idea, although a bit tedious is:

  • Boot hekate with the RCM exploit, dump my nand, so my save i've put more hours than I can count is backed up
  • I can then start a new game on both Pikachu / Eevee editions, obtain the event Pokemon, trade them to a friend, then start a new game to obtain another event Pokemon.
  • After the amount of desired event Pokemon have been obtained & traded restore my nand and get my friend to trade them back to me, as far as the Switch is then concerned nothing hacks / homebrew wise ever happened.

My other idea is to find out if any of my friends played the opposite version as they could use my Pikachu game cart to obtain Eevee's and I could use my Eevee game cart to obtain Pikachu's given its only got 20 mins of play time, deleting the save and starting over wouldn't be an issue.

I'd be interested if anyone had any other ideas?

I figured this might be a good discussion to have as it will probably be a lot more tedious / hard obtaining events with Pokémon Sword and Shield, given exploitable Switches get banned so much easier compared to a hacked 3DS.

Ideally I suppose in the future we might have a save manager that can function from RCM mode (like hekate does) without booting the Switches OS. That would make things pretty simple and totally safe, compared to running homebrew from within the Switches OS, which is logging what's happening and sending that back to Nintendo.

It might also be more simple in the future when one of the CFW's out there supports an Emunand, it could be possible just to clone an updated copy of your user data to that Emunand, then safely dump your save with one of the existing homebrew tools such as Checkpoint from within the Emunand, keeping your System nand that goes online totally clean.

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5 hours ago, Hello, it's me! said:

after generating a little over a couple hundred codes , i feel like ninty will eventually patch this exploit :(

If you have used all these codes then fair enough, however as one code can be redeemed per save it might not be the best idea to abuse it for the sake of doing so.

If Nintendo distribute codes like this for other possibly harder to obtain event distributions in the future, this could be a very nice way of easily obtaining codes for these Pokemon.

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I don't think it's easy to patch. They don't have access to the oauth code on the server. And with good reason. The oauth gives me my client secret used for other stuff on pokemon.com.

I have given away over 1000 codes so far too.

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