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15 hours ago, chocolatebunz123 said:

uhm, im in a roadblock in eterna city. i think i pathed the game a bit after talking to the mom and i didnt get the bike and now i cant get the bike either from the bike shop guy and ic ant go any further in the game. is ther anything i can do?


I'd use PKHeX, you can find the download (I think) from this site. Open your savefile using PKHeX and under the "Other" tab, there is an option to give yourself whatever items you want.

Edit: Be careful about using HeX though; when I used it to change the nature of my starter, it reset the stats on my Wormadam to that of the base game.

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Wanted to include warning about using PKHeX with the hack.
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Hey guys, I'm really excited to play this but can't seem to get the patch to go through. I've tried using 3 different versions of the rom (all US, all unzipped .nds files with 131k kb file size). I've tried the ones numbered 3541, as well as 4997, and I've tried applying both deltax patches to all of them. I keep getting back an error that says "Execution of command...(file names)... failed. (error 193: unknown error c1)". I've read the README files but don't think this particular issue came up in the FAQs. No idea what I'm doing wrong but would very much appreciate some help.

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Hey! Not sure if anyone mentioned this but as I was completing the Pokedex I noticed some inconsistencies in the document. I encountered Skorupi in Great Marsh area 3/4 and Croagunk in 5/6 which should not be possible according to the document. Also maybe I haven't looked hard enough but I could never encounter Toxicroak, Breloom, and Drapion. I'm playing on version 1.3.0.

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Hi :)
I'am currently at the Moltres portal, trying to get a shiny one.
I'm trying already for 2,5 hours by fighting against it, defeating it and encountering it again.
Is it so, that defeating it means it is the same encounter everytime and does not reset the shiny roll?

Thank you in advance :)

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my ultimate Pokemon game experience (since i don't plan on going past platinum) would a an open world rpg type of play with all 400+ Pokemon in their respective regions. how hard would it be or what program would you use to add all previous regions, events, encounters, etc? also because im that way, being able to change my clothes to any of the main character styles would awesome, as well as bumping into the actual previous main characters and their rivals, is any of this possible with existing and not to many additional programs?....i know Nintendo and game freak will create this, but an adventurer can try to make his dream come true.

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