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PKHeX can support more minimal ROM hacks, but ones with more significant changes may be corrupted or simply not work. If they have custom moves, items, locations or species, then it's not going to like that in the slightest.
I've been able to edit a Crystal Clear v1.2b .sav of mine, for example. PKHeX treats it as a normal Crystal save due to how much of the original game and content is preserved. (The only issues I found were incorrect displays for a couple PC boxes, but it didn't harm anything.) But it'll still toss a fit about all the Pokemon obtained in ways that they cannot be obtained in the vanilla game (Crystal Clear has a lot of modified wild data, Game Corner prizes, alternate starter choices etc), or if they have moves that are not available to them in the original. I don't know anything about Liquid Crystal, but it may just have content that PKHeX is allergic to.

I'd love to see editors for ROM hacks out there, though. Being able to properly fiddle with my assorted Touhoumon .sav files would be excellent.

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