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USUM - 2018-19 Korean League S3's Latios/Latias


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It appears it's going to be a Wi-Fi distribution, at least according to its entry over here. I'm a little skeptical about the distribution dates listed there, as May 3rd and 4th are a pretty short window for a Wi-Fi event, but I suppose we'll see in a little less than a month. 

Other than OT and ID Number, they're just clones of the Legends 2018 ones. (Gold Bottle Cap for a hold item, Classic Ribbon, random nature+IVs, etc.) It's kind of a shame that they're copy-pasted like that, but it's nice to see that other countries are getting easy access to lv100, reset-able legendaries, since it's especially relevant for VGC this year.

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Korean league events S1 and S2 had the same period of distribution, and was done via Local Wireless, so there's nothing suspicious there :)

For most of previous pop-up shop and league events, the event only ran during the physical event was there, which only lasted a couple of days.
IIRC Most of Korean physical event distributions have been some kind of port/mirror of other events.
Before the Korean league SX events, the mirrors were usually Japanese Pokémon Center events, but now they're branching to Western events being mirrored too ><

edit: archiving the page for now.

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