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Pokemon Go / lets go GHETTO

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Hi everybody ! *waves 
I wanted to take up some of your time today . to disuse this 650$ mistake called pokemon lets go and go.... it should really go .... i mean its got to GO 
my reasons here is my list :- 

pokemon lets go pickachu 60$
pokemon lest go Evee 60$
pokemon ball for mew ( a small file ) 50$
online fee to trade at all bull carp an additional charge on top of your internet bill 20$ (yearly )
Switch 400 $ for god knows why 
i also here people buy melmetal for 70$ WTF is wrong with you people there . no Pokemon Should cost MONEY for a Freaking File .

total cost for Switch / pokemon lets go and mew and trade online use :- 530$ ( paying more than a gaming Pc or a playstation ) WTF Nintendo (all for a Remake pay to play/trade)


i would rather hack in my Pokemon using a program like PKHEX than pay Nintendo 50$ for just one pokemon (mew) or pay 20 go online with the disgusting non communication trade system for a chance of loosing your shiny pokemon and being tricked in trade by greedy disgusting pokemon Go community  .

i miss the free online communicative trade system in Pokemon X and Y were you can have a great amount of fun talking to some one while you trade and battle .
pokemon X and y had a price of 30$


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You originally post in the Creative Forums. Note:

Given your views expressed, I doubt you see Let's Go as "the arts", nor were you sharing your own unique creations.
As you wanted a disuse discuss Let's Go, I've shifted it to a more appropriate location (Games Discussion).

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