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firered Pokémon Fire Red Hack: Pokémon Rose Version

Holy Star

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Hi, my name is Star! I am the creator of this hack. Don't mind me, though! I take care of things behind the scenes. I'll take just a moment to introduce Pokémon Rose Version to you!

The Centiq (/sĕn-tēk/) region is a place rich in history. Understanding that history is important for understanding its future. Your journey as a young trainer will take you from the depths of dungeons to the tips of mountains, from the happiest of places, to the dark hideouts of evil. Enjoy the experience of exploring new routes, cities, and caves in Pokémon Rose Version!

A year has passed since a young Pokémon trainer from Kanto defeated Team Rocket and became Kanto's Pokémon League Champion; likewise in the Hoenn region, a young trainer there put an end to Team Aqua and Team Magma's plans and defeated Hoenn's Pokémon League Champion.

Why have Teams Rocket, Aqua, and Magma shown up in the Centiq region? What is the organization known as Thrasher and what is their goal? Could it have something to do with The Emerald Tablet, a mythical artifact believed to be hidden within the Centiq region? The answers to these questions and more await you!

Anyway, that's enough from me. Now, let's get on with the show!

See you later, Player!


The Story:

The Centiq region is a region rich in history and complex affairs. Plagued by various evils, a great Creator was once said to have bestowed upon Hermes Trismegistus an artifact known as the Emerald Tablet, said to contain both sacred knowledge of the world and a great power. This legendary tablet has been sought by many over the course of Centiq’s history, but it has never been found...

Aster is a 15 year old boy living in Springate Town, a small quiet village on the southern seashore of Centiq. Professor Larch has returned from a trip far away, where he spoke with one of his colleagues. He has brought back some special Pokemon and might just give one of those to you! Aster leaves his house after talking to Mom and heads for Professor Larch’s laboratory.

But before he gets far, Aster sees a strange man speaking with the professor outside! Hurrying over, Aster sees a tall, blue haired man in a black cloak. What does he want with the Professor?

“Tell me everything you know regarding The Emerald Tablet!” the man shouts. Clearly he is not a friendly person! Running to the Professor’s aid, Aster is given three Pokemon by Larch in order to fight the mysterious hostile man. Defeating his Shelgon, Pupitar, and Metang, Aster succeeds in protecting the professor from further harm. Seemingly indifferent to his loss, the strange man simply states, “We shall meet again, Professor Larch,” before taking his leave. As he does so, a large blue cross is seen on the back of his cloak. Who was this strange person?

The Professor thanks Aster and offers him one of the Pokemon he received from his colleague while traveling abroad. Aster’s long-time childhood friend, Allen, had been waiting inside the Lab during the ordeal outside. The two have their first Pokemon battle, now that they both have their very first Pokemon. Allen and Aster decide to compete to see who can get to the Pokemon League first, with Allen taking the lead.

Will you make it to the Pokemon League before Allen, Aster?

After running an errand for Professor Larch, Aster arrives at his first new destination: Elderoak Town! This small forest village has a large retirement community, as well as a school taught by the town’s elder, simply known as “Granny” to everyone. Unaware of Granny’s temperament, Aster casually walks inside to find out more about Pokemon, taking a seat at an empty chair in the schoolroom.

“Is everybody here? Well then, let’s get started!” declares Granny. Aster, realizing a mistake has been made, tries to sneak out of the classroom before he’s noticed. He doesn’t know about Granny’s adept hearing, sounding the pitter-patter of feet.

“Stay in your seat!” the little old lady exclaims at Aster, who in a shock immediately complies. He has been mistaken for one of her students! Granny begins to play a video for the students, designed to teach them how to catch Pokemon. Aster, having already known long ago how to do this and has seen Professor Larch do it many times, tries to take advantage of the situation and leave once more.

“You again!” Granny bellows. This time she begins to walk over to you! “Do you think you know it all?” she asks inquisitively. “How about I give you a test in a Pokemon battle?” Quickly, the teacher sends out a Spearow with a menacing look, certainly used to giving that look as if it were to intimidate small misbehaving children.

But Aster has his own Pokemon, too! Sending out the Pokemon you received from Professor Larch, you quickly dispense of the sparrow Pokemon, apparently only good at using its Leer attack to frighten Pokemon and students alike. Granny comes to the realization that you are not, in fact, one of her students. Just then, the teacher’s son, a grown man himself, walks in with a small boy under his arm. Evidently this was the missing student whose chair you had sat in.

“I saw a big yellow Pokemon run past here!” the boy shouted. Clearly he was troubled by something he saw outside. It could have been the reason he skipped class. What was this big, yellow Pokemon he spoke of? What kind of big, yellow Pokemon are capable of running around in the Centiq region? Could it have been the crystal beast...Raikou?

Thinking nothing of it now, Aster continues on his journey so he can face his first gym battle in Bloomful City. To get there, however, Aster must travel across a field full of grass Pokemon. This shouldn’t be much of a problem, since Aster’s Pokemon is much stronger than most of the grass Pokemon around.

After battling a few trainers on his way to the next town, Aster is soon approaching the end of the grassy field. With only a little way left to go, and the buildings of Bloomful near on the horizon, Aster is swiftly met with a shocking site.

“Finally we have caught up with you, Raikou,” stated a man dressed all in black, with a large red “R” on the front of his outfit. Two more men in a similar outfit are standing next to a big, yellow Pokemon that has become immobilized by traps that have been dug into the ground. “It appears the snares we set have done their job!” The crystal beast growled in anguish. “You will now become a prize for Team Rocket!” shouted the man, throwing a purple and pink Pokeball at the legendary creature. The Pokemon is instantly caught without any resistance. Was that a Master Ball that they just used? One of the two men who were standing next to the legendary Pokemon retrieves the Pokeball and stores it away. “Our client will be pleased that everything has taken place without incident,” the man who threw the Pokeball muses.

Aster approaches the three men, who have recognized that they are being watched. “Hey, you there kid! You didn’t see anything, did you? Well, I’ll have to take care of that!” the man who threw the Pokeball shouts. Sending out a Zubat, the Team Rocket grunt is poised to take you on, while his fellow grunts have escaped. Aster sends out his Pokemon and defeats the flying bat Pokemon! The Rocket grunt is distraught that a mere child could be capable of beating him. “You better stay out of our business!” he shouts at Aster. “And our client’s as well!” Who would Team Rocket’s client be?

Unbeknownst to Aster, and indeed much of the Centiq region, a mysterious organization named Thrasher is secretly working to collect many powerful legendary Pokemon, as well as be the first to have ever found the legendary Emerald Tablet. But for what purpose? Who is their Leader? Could it be the strange man in blue, who demanded that the good professor tell him about the Tablet? Their goals, their influence, their leadership, their very existence… all things about Thrasher are shrouded in secrecy.


  • If I do say so myself, a well-written storyline is to be found in this game! There are eight gyms and the Elite Four to beat, just like a classic Pokemon game, yet there are plot twists around every corner! A special post-E4 challenge is available, too!
  • All legendary Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn make an appearance!
  • You have the freedom to choose any of the first three generation's starter Pokémon as a starter. Choose wisely!
  • Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua all make appearances. What could their reasons be for showing up in Centiq?
  • New items will be included in the game. This game is sure to provide players with many new items to collect and use.
  • Modified TM list. Forcing players to re-think their options in this category adds to the excitement!
  • Changed movesets. Pokémon will be able to learn moves they normally were not able to. It will be a surprise to find out what!
  • New in-game trades. The player will certainly need these Pokémon to complete their Pokedex!

Programs Used:

  • AdvanceMap 1.92
  • XSE
  • Overworld Editor RE
  • Unlz-GBA
  • Advanced Pallet Editor
  • Cygnus Hex Editor
  • Advance Text
  • Advance Trainer
  • NTME
  • Door Manager
  • Item Editor
  • Move Editor
  • Tile Molester Alternate
  • Yet Another Pokemon Editor


Screen Shots:







Box Art:







Music is composed by Youtuber SuperiorLarxene. These themes will, of course, use different instruments in-game.


  • Mapping: Pretty much done. The only maps left to be made are for events that take place after beating the Elite Four.
  • Scripting: Scripts have been written and inserted up to the second gym. Almost the entire game's events have been planned (their scripts just need to be written!)
  • Spriting: In need of this, in particular Trainer sprites. If somebody who is talented would like to help, I would like to hear from you!


Beta 1: From starting town to 2nd Gym (Marvelight City)

[ Download from 4shared ]

[ Download from MediaFire ]

[ Download from Minus ]

[ Download from RapidShare ]


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Use any of these support banners in your signature to show your support for Pokémon Rose Version!

Support Banner 1:



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Help Needed:

  • ASM. There are a few features I would like help implementing into this game.
  • Music. Knowledge of inserting, looping, and changing in-game instruments are all welcome.
  • Sprites. A talented spriter with lots of experience is desired.


Q. How do you play this game?

A. After obtaining a clean copy of an English FireRed ROM (find this yourself), use a patching utility like Lunar IPS to patch Pokemon Rose to the English FireRed ROM. It's very easy, but if you do need a detailed explanation, one can be found here.


Art - Black Rayquaza, Metagross, Xous, NP

CSS - Charizard88

Music - SuperiorLarxene (Youtube)

Sprites - NiKaNoRoU, Amachi, The dragon tamer

ASM, Hex Editing - Darthatron

Edited by Holy Star
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If your a good hacker, use REAL regions. It's respect for Pokemon!

What exactly does that mean? It's actually boring to use the regular regions in my opinion. Sure you can modify a pre-existing region, but let's face it. How many times have we seen Johto remakes? It's like every ROM hacker and their grandfather use that (no offense to Johto remakers though... some turn out pretty good). For example, I hack ROMs but I make my own regions. Sure, it's based off something... but ROM hackers are known to be... well, creative. Some people even stretch it by making their own Pokemon. Making your own characters isn't a bad idea as well. And if being a good hacker requires being unoriginal... that's just... not creative and therefore makes a boring hack.

Or did you mean REAL world region? That'd be quite a stretch and I doubt that would be applicable... seeing how big one city is quite large compared to the scale of cities in Pokemon games. You ought to think before posting.

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  • 4 weeks later...

You're right. But you can't call those regions the world of Pokemon! And you can't call those fake beasts Pokemon! In my hack, ShadowWhite, I've added areas, but not regions!

But to be honest, you did a pretty good job! It may be fake but it's good!

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  • 1 year later...

I love this hack its really fun the only problem is i found a bit of a "problem" while i was playing. i was walking past the east exit route after the first gym and found the post E4 place and kept going but then it had a weird glitch and i lost all my progress :frown: just wanted to tell you about this it happened as i was getting towards the end of it other than that i absolutely love this hack one of the best ones ive played i cant wait for all the updates to come out

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

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