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RSE Event Flags Research

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I just needed somewhere to store the flags I bothered to compare.

FRLG Flags Research is in this thread: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/47715-frlg-flags-research/
Additionally, some existing RS flags documented: https://github.com/pret/pokeruby/blob/9d62ad060b05848a0cad1f09881c3863596455fd/include/constants/flags.h#L258-L357
and E flags documented: https://github.com/pret/pokeemerald/blob/b1b97c1da9f8190ef3d145acf30eb1708f50e3f3/include/constants/flags.h#L516-L629 (thanks Kaphotics for linking them previously)

Here goes nothing:
Activating Mystery Events (RS): 2053 Set, 2124 Set
Receiving Eon Ticket from e-card2100 set, 2124 set, 2131 set
and constants that may or may not be necessary:


0: 0->1
16: 105->71
36: 60825->49897
37: 7220->8750
42: 25->64
43: 2->3
64: 4572->5394
73: 6->2
75: 19324->2251
76: 51374->56027
135: 0->4

Southern Island from Norman (RS)*: 2131 Set
and constants that may or may not be necessary:


42: 47->100, 43: 2->3

Southern Island via Mixing Records (E)*: 2227 Set (SYS_HAS_EON_TICKET flag)
Birth Island enabled (E)*: 0314 Set, 2261 Set
Navel Rock enabled (E)*: 0315 Set, 2272 Set
Faraway Island enabled (E)*: 0316 Set and 2262 Set
Manipulating Southern Island Lati@s: (flags after TV event) 0255 Set, 0291 Set, 0734 Set
Constants that affected which TV option was chosen:


130: 3->4
140: 3->4

213: ->0

213: ->1


* means you still need to have the ticket in your bag

At the very least, it also appears that the act of receiving the Eon Ticket from an e-card leave a value somewhere in the save that isn't event flags or event constants.
(Injecting the actual event isn't enough, need to receive it from e-reader)

Without this "value", the Eon Ticket would not be sent to Emerald during Mixing Records.
I've added a Pokémon RS save with the Eon Ticket received via e-reader to here.
Hopefully that makes the distribution to Emerald via Mixing Records easier.


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Just to add some information the location where the Mystery Event Record Mixing Item is stored is known for both RS and E:



Sending Item via Record Mixing
RS: Section 4 - 0x0BFC
E: Section 4 - 0x0C94

Offset     Content              Length
0x0        Checksum             word
0x2        Padding              word
0x4        Distribution Limit   word
0x5        How many times       word
0x6        Item Index Number    word

Total size is 8 bytes. 0x0 appears to be the checksum.
The number at 0x4 is the Distribution limit, the number of times you can send the Ticket at 0x5 increases even if you don't send the item.
The Eon Tickets from the Official Events could be exchanged 151 times, while in case of the e-Card version 30 times.
If the sent item is an Eon Ticket the activation flag for the Event is automatically set by the receiving game.


Additional information about the Eon Ticket Event for Emerald:


E: Section 2 - 0x049A - bit 0

Note: Unlike in Ruby & Sapphire the Eon Ticket Mystery Event is hardcoded and activated by a flag.
Officially this was only used in Japan but the flag exists in all localized versions as well.
When it's set the delivery guy appears at the 2F of the Pokemon Center, when you talk to him he will give you the Eon Ticket.




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