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So, I was wondering. Will a pokemon that is valid on this hack check: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/

be able to be used in the pokemon Video Game Championships without being detected by the hack checkers there? From what I've read, you can transfer a pokesaved pokemon to Diamond and Pearl, restart your Platinum, and they won't know. Apparently, transferring a pokesaved pokemon to a different version erases all traces of it being hacked. I have also read that they only check your pokemon, not the use of the action replay on your game. So if a pokemon passes that hack checker, shouldn't it be able to be used in VGC?

Since the program is the same as Projectpokemon's legality checker, does that mean having a pokemon that passes as valid on this will pass as valid on the hack checker at VGC? That's my main question.

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The honest answer is we have no idea as no one outside of those employed by The Pokemon Company (who host the tournaments) has any real knowledge of the machine outside of what individuals witnessed at tournaments.

My personal opinion is don't be a dick. At the tournament, there will be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people who either choose not to hack, don't have the ability to hack, or might not have even heard of it. It's different among casual play, but when there's prizes involved, cmon, be a man and raise legit Pokemon.

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Read the rules from last year at the tournament's web site. I think it's go-pokemon.com

TLDR is they can kick you out for any or no reason at all. What their standards are for legality and how they reach those conclusions are known to the event organizers and them alone.

Is your RNGed Pokemon legit? Yes. Will it pass their test? Who knows.

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