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Weekly Poll #11 Butterfree vs Beedrill

Weekly Poll #10 Butterfree vs Beedrill  

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  1. 1. Weekly Poll #10 Butterfree vs Beedrill

    • Butterfree can fly!
    • Beedrill can sting!
    • I do not like any of them.
    • Why have one without the other?

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The great bug battle between the generation one bugs - [sprite]012[/sprite] Butterfree and [sprite]015[/sprite] Beedrill. The epic battle has been raging on for quite a while so lets decide what bug i better.

Butterfree [sprite]012[/sprite][shinysprite]012[/shinysprite]

Type: Bug/Flying

HP: 60

Attack: 45

Defense: 50

Sp. Attack: 80

Sp. Defense: 80

Speed: 70


+ It can learn various status moves that help the player in bad situation.

+ The ability to learn Psybeam and Confusion when leveling, and up cam almost surely make Beedrill regret going against this butterfly.

+ Has bigger Sp. Attack than the bee.

+ Negates Ground moves


- It can be poisoned unlike the bee.

- Receives double damage from Rock type attacks.

- Obtains a weakness towards Ice type.

Beedrill [sprite]015[/sprite][shinysprite]015[/shinysprite]

Type:/ Bug/Poison

HP: 65

Attack: 80

Defense: 40

Sp. Attack: 45

Sp. Defense: 80

Speed: 75


+ It has high Attack power.

+ It is slightly faster than the Butterfly.

+ It cannot be poisoned.

+ Learns Iron defense as an Egg move to strengthen its weakness.


- It can be hit by ground moves.

- It has a less Powerful movepool than Butterfree.

- Has a vulnerability to Psychic moves.


I personally prefer the flying bug - Butterfree. The reason for which is because it can learn a lot of different type moves. And for helping me ingame it has my vote.

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Butterfree all the way... Compoundeyes + Sleep Powder = win. Beedrill is just a bad Scyther... but I still like Beedrill.

Oh, and Confusion > Fury Attack for early game Jeigan. Brock's Pokemon do not even have a rock move (although I think in FRLG his Onix gets Rock Tomb, but it should not be much of a problem).

One thing about Beedrill... along with Venomoth in Yellow version, both of them had the inherent ability to make Ground attacks miss (like how Absorb always misses on Moltres for some strange reason o_o)...

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Beedrill all the way! I would always pick one up and eventually just use it as a cutter. Still, they're awesome. And twineedle. Need I say more?

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