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Trash bytes invalid from legal pokemons


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I have Pokemon Sapphire Original cartridge and R4 with Pokemon Platnum(which I also own legaly.

Whenever I palpark something from sapphire, the trash bytes are shown as invalid.

The pokemons I palpark are 100% legal and untouched from sapphire.

The same applies when I palpark on my CycloDS, the trash bytes are shown as invalid, no matter what pokemon I palpark.

I just palpark on my R4/CycloDS because I have lots of rare candies so I can level them up easily after EV training.

Is there any way to fix it?

I dont want to be seen as hacker when my Pokemons are actually legaly breeded and palparked.

If there is any way to fix it, please let me know.


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By the way,

it doesnt even get fixed after running through trashbyte fixer.

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Oh, thank GOD. I was freaking out when a Smogonite told me my legitly-bred and tutored Emerald Counter Ampharos showed up as having invalid trash bytes.

I use a US Emerald to breed and abuse the RNG, and then I trade with my Japanese LeafGreen so I can Pal Park to my legit Japanese SoulSilver. Would that also affect the trash bytes?

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