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Minidex, a simple Pokédex webapp

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Link: Minidex



This is a lightweight and minimalist webapp that compiles all the locations of all Pokémon across every game in the series. Find Pokémon information quickly and keep track of your Pokédex progress. No registration/installation required! No ads!
  • all regional+national Pokédex from RBY up to Let's go
  • quick Pokémon search (name or number) at anytime
  • click in a location title to get a list of all Pokémon in that location
  • users can keep track of their regional Pokédex progress by marking mark caught Pokémon
  • made in Vanilla JS, very lightweight
  • design focused on speed and usability
  • responsive design for best user experience in both desktop and mobile (swipe can be used to navigate through Pokémon)
  • can be installed as a webapp and run completely offline
It's aimed mostly for completionists, but there is also some basic competitive information. Direct links to other famous sites are shown though, just in case user needs them.

I started coding this back in the day when XY were released. But never managed to finish it until last month

I figured posting it here wouldn't hurt, hoping it will be useful for someone here! I will be happy to read some feedback!

I wasn't sure if this kind of content is allowed here. Please let me know if this wasn't the place to post it.


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