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hey all, Im a long time fan of pokemon and new to pokesav and its great, I just have a few problems, first I want to download the legality checker and other applications from projectpokemon.com but for some reason the link doesn't work or its not there any more, so I was wondering is ther anothersite that has the legality checker and other applications?

second I want to know is it possible to pokesav a legit Deoxys with 31 IVS, a blalanced nature, and can use over PBR, I tried to make one pal parked from emerald all my other legendaries work acept for deoxys, and I need the same thing foe Celebi. I'd appreciate the help thanks.:bidoof:

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It surprised me that the Legality download was hosted off-site. I've never used it, but I'll try to inform an admin about it and see what can be done.

As for Deoxys, it's possible to make anything. But anything made with Pokesav is not "legit." Legit means it was trained and captured using in-game methods only.

And because it's a Legendary Pokemon that can't breed, Deoxys has to follow the PID-IV relation formula.

Also, PBR's wireless has a legality check so you'll have to make sure it's made pretty well for it to pass it.

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