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Wondercards and ARDS help needed.


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Hello, I'm needing the Wondercard for some event Pokémon.

Here are the ones I need:

  • TRU Manaphy
  • ALAMOS Darkrai
  • Gamestp Deoxys
  • TRU Shaymin
  • TRU Regigigas
  • TRU Dragonite
  • I will also need the TRU Arceus one, once it comes out.

I'm trying to get these Wonder Card, so I can have them on my game and send them to my friend, so he can get the events, too. I prefer trading over Wi-Fi to get mine.

Since the Wondercard download page is down until the new design is done, it'd be appreciated if someone could send me the files somehow.

Oh, and I'm trying to get them on my Diamond, if it matters.

I also need help with ARDS. I have one, but I cannot connect it to my computer to transfer codes to it.

I've downloaded the ARDS code manager, but it doesn't read my AR. At first I downloaded the US code manager, but then I realized it might be an European one, since my grandparents got it for me for Christmas, and they live in Europe.

I tried both the US and EU code managers, but none of them work!

When I downloaded the WiFiReg tool on the Nintendo website, it worked. Why doesn't it work when I download the ARDS code manager?

I start up the code manager, plug the ARDS to the computer using the cord and put it in my DS. I start it up and click on the little mouse icon. On the computer, it says "Waiting for DS" and on my DS, it just says "UPDATING..." with the empty red bar.

Now, I could just type in the codes manually, once I will have uploaded a Wonder Card onto Pokésav, but that would take ages to do.

Well, thanks in advance.

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