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Lookin' for JEREMY Oddish


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Looking for a Jeremy Oddish, that was given away at this event:

FireRed and LeafGreen Trade and Battle Day, on September 25th, 2004 from 9:30-11:30 a.m.

The OT on Oddish should say JEREMY and the ID should be 24680. It should pass Legal.exe

If you attended this event, or if you happen to have one contact me, I offer almost every event Pokemon available for trade but these are just some:

All 10 ANIV, 10 ANNI, 10 ANNIV, 10 JAHRE events

All PokePark events

All GBA Movie event Pokemon like Hadou Mew, Aura Mew, Mystry Mew, Hadou Regi, etc.

Almost all other Jeremys

All DS events from Japan, USA, Europe, Korea, etc.

I am hoping that somone has at least one.

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