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PKHEX Shiny Question


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5 minutes ago, Lily_Sunflower said:

I've marked a pokemon as shiny and placed it in an egg, then link traded with a friend and it didn't hatch shiny

Erm, cause you traded it, lol.

That's how people managed to get a shiny Manaphy from the egg in Gen 4, despite the egg being shiny locked.
They traded it, so that hopefully a different trainer will hatch it shiny.

Shininess is dependent it's PID and the TID/SID that hatches it./

As @Delta Blast Burn said, you need to make sure the PID will be shiny for the recipient's TID/SID.
So on PKHeX, mark it shiny after putting your friend's TID/SID on the egg :)

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3 hours ago, Lily_Sunflower said:

Okay...so....I did all of that....I got someone's tid and sid....entered that info into pkhex....shuttled it back to my console....sent the egg over....and a pokemon still didn't hatch as shiny. I don't normally mess around with eggs...but am I missing doing something?

Probably. Show us screenshots of the egg with the person's TID/SID, and show a screenshot of the same egg containing it's PID.

(Mark shiny AFTER setting the TID/SID)

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