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[bug] Invalid or corrupted GC memory card - when opening 4th gen korean saves

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I'm using PkHEX really well but when I updated it to the latest version, which is 19.01.02, some save files show the following error when I open them with PkHEX:


Invalid or corrupted GC memory card

I now found that around 2~3 Korean Gen 4 saves don't work with the latest version, but I remember they worked perfect in the previous version, 181202.

Any ideas? I will attach my save files which is a korean platinum save and a korean soulsilver save.. so please have a look..

R4 한봉숙.sav

개소 소울실버.sav

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The savefile block footer isn't matching typical blocks; will have to investigate later.

A checksum comparison was removed from the most recent version as it was suspected that the block footer check should be enough to identify, which in its current state isn't true. Probably have to review how the footer is stored/modified and see how to revise the check.


edit: fixed in latest commit, thanks for reporting :)


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