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Nevermind, been fixed already I guess


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Apparently works on the most recent compiled version of PKHeX. Guess it got fixed already.

Not sure if this is a bug or just... I'm missing something or not. My friend tried having the database work on the most recent release of PKHeX as well, but it was also infinitely loading. ((In their case, they were able to access the database on an pre-USUM version of PKHeX, Build 1907, compiled on 11-16-2016))

But, here's a video of my steps at least

I'm using the most recent released version of PKHeX (the video says December 18th, but it was the version released on December 1st lol) 

While I didn't show it in the video, I have also tried putting the .pk7's into folders. Still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated. The database would make filtering through my collection easier than loading individual save files.

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