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Returning, True Idiot (that's *me*, btw)

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Hi, everyone! It's been, oh, 7 or 10 years since I posted to this forum, so I thought a "re-introduction" might be in order. 

For emphasis, I am apparently the worst of the total NOOBs (what does that mean, anyway? -- see, I told you)

I read through the last 2 months' worth of Introductory posts, which were actually pretty helpful in general, and followed the instructions and information on those,  then.... 

well, I stopped because I realized that, quite frankly, I'm an utter and complete *idiot* (compared to most of you lot here, at least ). And, as I stubbornly browsed through more tutorials to try to find a way to (just) give myself 900 Nuggets (or a bunch of them, anyways, to pay for all the PokeBalls) in Let's Go, Eevee...  I dug through all the tutorials, but ...

😭  I can't find out the basic and apparently utterly necessary steps, how to move the Homebrew to/from the Switch, and/or get and move Save files from the Switch to a PC.  And *back*, of course.

At that point, I realized that everyone but me must know how to do this already, else the Tutorial(s) for how to do this little trick would be # 1 for the Switch, not how to use Checkpoint...  Ya'll all feel free to laugh at me, I'm already laughing at myself.

I have the latest version of Checkpoint, and, PKHex, and even found the tutorial for updating it from github....  see?  I did *try* to figure it all out, but am obviously missing the best parts, right?

Anyways, I'm actually enjoying reading/watching the tutorials n such that I can find, and, for now at least, hoping CodeJunkies is reading them, too.

Merry Christmas n' all!

ryoverde, aka Cara in SA TX USA

PS -> anyone who would care to help me in my ignorance, well, I'd be grateful.... but will not be upset if I'm just too ignorant to bother helping.  😅  PMs are okay...

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